The Mighty Cutter Mystara

Designed by Zemci, Shalafi & Vaskulus
  • Rooms: 169
  • Lifespan: 30 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 21-25
  • Medium Groups: 18-23
  • Large Groups: 15-22

  • Description:
    Long ago, the Mystara brought people from the city of Medievia to the exotic city of Trellor, over the great ocean. A great ship, captained and crewed by the best sailors to brave the Sea, it lost much of its importance when the continents joined. But these hearty lads did not give up. Instead, they moved on to the port city of Tanivsport, and set up a thriving shipping business there. It lies south of Medievia City, on the Eastern side of the great Bay.

    There is much about the area to amuse the wandering adventurer: card tables, slot machines, and a dance hall are all held within the Cutter. Pursers and stewards abound to show you the ship, though on busy days there may not be enough on staff. Tanivsport and the Mighty Cutter sport all the standard luxuries you would expect of a major city; it houses a "recall point" to retreat to when the going gets rough, and a temple for those adventurers unfortunate enough to be slain in the persuit of their goals. There are shops in Tavinsport too, and a bank, although it is rumored that the shopkeepers are having a little trouble with their goods arriving on time.

    Mystara is great for exp, but rather shabby for equipment. Make sure you have a cleric to dispel mobs, and heal you up; some of these mobs can be heavy hitters.

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