The M'Lanchai Edeterai Borough

Built by Arethusa
  • Rooms: 179
  • Lifespan: 3o minutes
  • Type: LPK, NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 16-20
  • Medium Groups: 13-15
  • Large Groups: 10-13

  • It was a starless night, and no moon was visible over the fields. Marjhetta had settled into her humble dwelling when outside a commotion was heard. Breaking free of the comforts of home, she tore into the street. The silky black of night covered her thin frame, and a gusting wind ripping at the trees was all that could be heard. An inner voice screamed in her head, "Breaana!" A terror unlike anything else ripped at her heart, and deep inside she knew her only daughter was gone from this world.

    As days melted into weeks, weeks into months, the incident seemed forgotten by the townspeople, and she was left to fend for herself. Today, many only know her as an evil witch-woman who contentedly feeds her birds.

    Suspicious and alone, years passed, and Marjhetta developed and harbored with her a deep hatred for her daughter's betrothed. Only weeks after searching, he settled with a prettier girl with a wealthier family. The families combined created a prosperous farming community, and Eodai, now the mayor, ruled, his pockets were lined with gold. Marjhetta suspected what no one would say, that her daughter was removed so that Eodai would be free to marry another.

    Ten years after the incident, a mysterious stone emerged. Its purpose was unknown to many, and the townspeople repeatedly tried to destroy it. Day by day, however, the stone slowly appeared again in a shallow hole near the graveyard. Several days after its appearance, terror struck the town, and each morning since then brings a crop of new corpses. It seems some new evil lurks in the shadowy depths of night, concealed in the bluish black. A witch-woman smiles for the first time in a decade; her protege has risen, and with a steady head she brings the meaning of revenge.

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