Misty Isle

Designed by Ardothica
  • Rooms: 116
  • Lifespan: 3 minutes
  • Type: LPK, NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 21-31
  • Small Groups: 18-25
  • Large Groups: 14-21

  • A page taken from Ergale's memoirs, having recently been discovered in Trellor:

    "In my wanderings, I once came across a lake hidden deep in the forest east of Mount Vryce. The locals tended to avoid the lake as much as possible, even though game was plentiful nearby. They feared a strange race of people called syrens. These enchantingly beautiful creatures, all female, were surprisingly cruel.

    "The locals believed that the syrens lived on a island at the center of the lake. I could not verify the existence of the island, as the surface of the lake was continually enshrouded by a dense fog.

    "Someone who claimed to have been to the island and back stated that the syrens were performing ritual sacrifices at the center of the island. Apparently, their purpose is to feed a bog with the life-force of those they can capture. This, in turn, provides a source of nutrients for special trees that grow on the island. It is believed that the fruit of these trees is the source of new life for the syrens. In this way, they are able to reproduce without the need of an opposite sex. Strange as this whole idea may sound, no one has ever seen a male syren."

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