Designed by numerous people
  • Rooms: 268
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels

    Medlink is Medievia's social area. There isn't anything to kill here, just a bunch of players hanging out, taking a break from fighting the monsters of the realm.

    Medlink is a place to hang out and chat with your friends. You cannot cast any spells, or attack or anything in medlink. Explore the area to see some cool stuff, including a board maintained for poetry and debate, and a popular little shop called Fred and Vikki's. Also, visit the "Future of Medievia" to see what zones are currently in progress, take a stroll north on the Yellow Brick road to visit the "King of all Media", take the online player polls, or get some help setting up your sounds!

    To get to medlink:
    Type LINK. If you get a message that you cannot go to medlink right now, try moving out of the zone you are in, and try then.

    To get out of medlink:
    Type LINK again!
    If that won't let you out, try reading your NEWS. You will always reappear in the Entrance to MedLink when you relink, so if you get lost in the "Freak's Clubhouse", don't despair!

    Don't linkspam someone you want to talk to...they will see the message (unless they are afk) and will be there when they can. If you don't want to go to link, or see link requests, you can use BLOCKLINK. (On that same note, try BLOCKTELL, BLOCKMESSAGE, and BLOCKMAIL.) Try messaging them if they don't respond. You can telepath anyone who is in medlink when you are there...not just your clannies. You can also form with anyone, and move in to private suites!! Woowoo!

    ****Coming Soon****
    A total medlink rethink, with clan areas, all connected by a similar theme, and possible links to clan castles.

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