City of Medievia

Designed by Vryce, Highlander & Numerous
  • Rooms: 2130
  • Lifespan: 3 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 1-10
  • Medium Groups: 1-4
  • Large Groups: 1-2

  • The center of the continent and thus of the entire world, the City of Medievia is the start for many adventures and much swashbuckling. All new adventurers begin their careers here, the proving ground for all beginners.

    The hub of the City is Castle Square, named for the sight of Castle Medievia - a massive construction floating high overhead. Many of the facilities of the City are located within easy walking distance of this square, including a bank, a post office, a stable, the New Adventurer's Guild, a market to the east, the town hall, a jewelers, a locker and even a bathhouse. At the exact center of the Square sits a portal that allows transport to four other main areas of the City, those devoted to the specific adventuring professions.

    Each class of adventurer is afforded their own quarter wherein lay their training facilities. The Warrior's Quarter (or Quarter of Arms) sits to the north east of Castle Square. The streets are full of those who seek advancement in the arts of combat, from grizzled veterans to youthful apprentices. To the north west is the Mage's Quarter, home to those who seek to master the forces of nature. The streets are festooned with familiars and care is suggested when approaching the student area. To the south west is the Poor Quarter, the denizens of which are forced to pursue a life of crime from their deprivation. Rare is the janitor brave and foolhardy enough to venture into their streets, and it is said that only stealth will see you out alive of the most dangerous parts. Those who follow the holy orders tend to congregate in the south east, an area known as the Cleric's Quarter. Patrolled by redoubtable guardsmen, the area is a haven of security for those who stay a while to admire the architecture of the temples.

    Two other areas of note exist. Taking Windstrider Road north from Castle Square takes you directly into the urban area, where notable heroes of the land have purchased their own mansions. Traveling the opposite way, down Avadale Road, takes you to the docks where many trading ships berth at the end of their journeys. The local fishermen have their own market here, and their wares are highly recommended for the casual visitor.

    There are several areas nearby the main City for the curious to visit. Castle Medievia floats high above the main square, stone steps descending from it to the City below. Directly east of the square is a road that takes one out towards the wilderness. Just before this point is reached, a path can be taken to visit the graveyard to the north, but those who continue east can sample the view from the Great Tree. Nestled within the Mage's Quarter is an exit that leads out into the Forbidden Forest, an area famed for its natural wildlife and other inhabitants.

    The City of Medievia - not just a place to live but a beginning.

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