The City of Lyryanoth

Designed by Gorn
  • Rooms: 350
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 30-31
  • Medium Groups: 30-31
  • Large Groups: 26-31

  • Description:
    From the journal of Keine Noth:

    "City of Lyryanoth is prospering beyond my grandest dreams. Sharing the city with the simple-minded, but strong, Lizardfolk has turned into a great blessing. The Lizardfolk known as Lyrya is both a great friend and a great mystery. He is so unlike the other Lizardfolk; he has wit and charm enough for a dozen great leaders! Most of the Lizardfolk are simple animals, yet his wisdom surpasses most humans. He has offered to show me his native swamp, and I am rejoicing at the opportunity to see how the Lizardfolk once lived..."

    When the two founding fathers, Keine Noth and Lyrya Lan'y'nal, did not return from the swamp, Lyryanoth City was plunged into chaos. Unable to cope without Keine, many clung to the hope of return in pathetic desperation. Atrocities arose in the city, and accusatory fingers were pointed everywhere. Hatred and suspicion flourished. Rumors were spread carelessly across the city: Keine was still alive, some of the Lizardfolk were entangled in a conspiracy to take the city, the Lizardfolk were a magical race; created by an evil mage, Lyryanoth no longer had a leader...

    But whether Lyryanoth is consumed by racism, enraptured by a lost saviour, or caught in the grip of an unknown evil is not known to those simple people who call it home. That is for you to discover.

  • Upon arriving in the city, check the museum and tourist centers for useful information.
  • Reaching the end of the zone means carefully reading all descriptive text for clues.
  • Parts of the story are detailed in the mobs' descriptions.
  • Don't go alone, and be well-prepared; some parts of the zone are MUCH harder than others.

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