Lucynde's Challenge

Designed by Miatrylle
  • Rooms: 1111
  • Lifespan: 5 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 1-25
  • Small Groups: 1-25
  • Large Groups: 1-25

  • Lucynde looked about and smiled. Her work was nearly complete. She had spent nearly four years perfecting all the intricate spells and careful planning, and the realization of her goal was just around the corner. The practice yard, with all of its carefully plotted turns and loops was beautiful. Her time had been spent well.

    As she watched, her workers were testing the targets. She laughed as her head foreman, Rocki, was on the receiving end of a hearty THUMP from one of the animated scarecrows. She laughed even harder when one of the toads leapt out of his pocket and kicked his neck as it fled.

    Oh! This was a beautiful feat. Seven years ago, when she'd been a twenty- year-old new adventurer, eager to see the land and do heroic deeds, she'd had a major disappointment when she found that the other trainees were gaining experience in battle by hunting the innocent townspeople of the City of Medievia, or, even worse, hunting innocent little animals--in the Preserve, of all places! Some preserve!

    Hunting innocents was all well and good (er, evil), if you didn't mind turning into some dark warrior or sorceress, but what if your intentions were good?

    Lucynde shook her head. Oh, well, that worry was over. She beamed again as her glance swept across the yard. She would call it Lucynde's Challenge, and she hoped that all the new adventurers who truly wanted to be heroes and not murderers would come. She had worked hard to animate a variety of targets that would help prepare them for all potential foes and challenges that they would face, and she was damned proud of her work!

    She smiled as she heard running feet coming up the stone walkway before her cottage. Who would blame her if she also had been motivated by the fact that she had a young daughter who might be faced with the same bleak prospects she had? Lucynde loved her daughter, Lyndee, with all of her heart. The five-year-old was the brightest spot in her life, and she'd do anything for her.

    Lyndee raced through the open doorway and leaped into her mother's arms.

    "Mama, did you see? Did you see? Rocki's got a giant TOAD biting his toes!"

    The girl exploded into giggles, laughing even harder as her mother tickled her stomach.

    "I saw, love, and just wait until all the new adventurers come in! We'll watch them battle and learn, and maybe we'll help them sometimes too. And when they defeat all the 'monsters,' we'll give them a nice reward to help them on their way to bigger and better things."

    Lucynde patted her pocket, where a dozen golden tokens rested. She smiled, content with her plans and her work. Bring on the would-be Heroes! She was ready.


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