The Abandoned Lighthouse

Designed by Shalafi
  • Rooms: 21
  • Lifespan: 45
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels

    About the Lighthouses
    Scattered thoughout the Medievia wilderness are a series of ancient lighthouses, which were once used to ward ships off the nearby rocks. They were abandoned for unknown reasons, but then found again, this time by a wandering mage. He loved the lighthouses, and because they were spread so far from each other, he created a series of magical portals, connecting them.

    Bring a sextant and plenty of dragon money to figure these portals out. Once you do though, you'll find it was worth the time. Also, the mage may have protected the towers, but the wilderness monsters found on the nearby shores aren't always happy to have company on their favorite beaches!

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