The Lost City of Lattyrna

Designed by Derilaan, Wavedancer & Markius
  • Rooms: 210
  • Lifespan: 24 minutes
  • Type: LPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 20-30
  • Medium Groups: 16-19
  • Large Groups: 14-20

  • Description:
    Lattyrna is a magical, mystical place far beneath the sea near the city of Trellor. It is rulled over by Posedion, the mighty king of merman and nerieds, and his beautiful wife, Amphritrite. Palace guards and nerieds wander throughout the palace itself and the surrounding gardens. Outside the palace grounds, you will find several roads that lead to different areas of this magical kingdom, including the four towers inhabited by Posedion's advisors and their minons.

    Always watch how long you have on breathe water, its rather inconvient to be drowning in the middle of a fight. Lots of nice equipment is found in Lattyrna, if you visit at the right time. Beware Leviathan, who is still bitter from having the gods send Posedion to punish him for his insolence.

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