The Lagoon of Menace

Designed by Zzuliyta
  • Rooms: 181
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 28-31
  • Medium Groups: 26-30
  • Large Groups: 21-26

  • Description:
    One chilly winter morning, the maids of Queen Ovistia found a naked teenage girl sitting on a rock near the bank of Lake Wyza. Her icy blue eyes looked at the maids as if she had been waiting for them for a long time. Unaffected by the cold, she stood up and walked toward them, asking to see Queen Ovistia. As if mesmerized by her eyes, the maids quickly covered the girl with their shawls and led the way to the Queen's waiting chamber.

    Upon hearing the request, the Queen allowed the strange girl her audience. Wearing a chambermaid's working robe, the girl revealed her secret to the Queen. "My name is Aphisanni, my Queen. I came to you today to help you find King Roguede."

    At the mention of King Roguede's name, Queen Ovistia snapped to attention and said severely to Aphisanni, "My child, the King's whereabouts are no joking matter. I hope you know the consequences of lying."

    Aphisanni nodded at the Queen and requested to be alone with her. Desperately wanting to know the whereabouts of her beloved King, Queen Ovistia granted Aphisanni her wish.

    After the chamber was emptied, Aphisanni whispered to the Queen, "My Queen, I came to you at the bidding of King Roguede. The evil witch, Soulslayer, has imprisoned him in her lair. The only way to free him is to capture and kill the Soulslayer. Her death should release the bond cast on him."

    Looking at Aphisanni questioningly, the Queen asked, "And why should I trust you? If you can hear the King's bidding, then you are probably an accomplice to this vile crime!"

    Aphisanni smiled at the Queen and pushed back her long, pale hair to reveal a pair of dazzling blue-crystal earrings. "I am the spirit of the crystals at the bottom of Lake Wyza. We have been fighting the Soulslayer for a long time now. She has invaded our terrain and tainted our people. So there is no reason for me to aid the cruel witch. King Roguede has been praying to be rescued, and because of his generosity, his kind reign, and his good heart, I am here to help him and you." As she spoke the earrings suddenly radiated a blinding blue light that ensphered Aphisanni. At the miraculous sight, Queen Ovistia trusted Aphisanni's every word and proceeded to inquire who the Soulslayer was.

    Inside a secret room next to Queen Ovistia's chamber, Sa'Deque, the High Priestess of the Zasanic Kingdom, listened intently to the Queen's and Aphisanni's conversation. Her wicked smile hardly concealed her anger at what Aphisanni revealed. Quickly slipping out of the room, she stormed down the spiral stairs into her secret lair under Lake Wyza. Whirling into the magic realm that imprisoned King Roguede, she smiled cruelly at him and said, "You can stop praying now, because you will never escape here. You belong to ME!" Restrained by mysterious means, the King could only struggle without success.

    The battle between good and evil is about to take place. Brave adventurers, come and pledge your loyalty to a side: the Queen Ovistia and Aphisanni, or Ard'vorias, Soulslayer's First Vanguard and Sa'Deque, the Soulslayer. The reward of the winning side is waiting for you.

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