Van'Kyln's Estate

Designed by Thranz
  • Rooms: 399
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 25-31
  • Medium Groups: 24-27
  • Large Groups: NR

  • Part 1
    Following the demise of the fallen kingdoms of early Medievian lore, the remaining surviving members of royal blood scattered amongst the lands in seclusion from assassins and former war-time enemies. For decades, these overbearing rulers were hunted down, pillaged of their wealth, and executed before the very people that they once governed.

    One particular royal family, the Van'Kyln's, who visciously practiced serfdom and slavery were one of the few to escape this wrath of revenge. By utilizing his immense wealth, Count Van'Kyln was able to provide protection for his family by hiring a literal army of skilled warriors that provided his safe escort throughout Medievia during these rebellious times.

    Although he was well guarded, the Count found himself and his family the target of frequent assassination attempts wherever he fled or attempted to hide at. These threats came often, sometimes from likely sources such as the infamous Veiled Society, and at other times from greedy members within his own contingent of bodyguards. The endless fleeing and fearing for his family's life finally drove the Count into seclusion. Cleverly, the Count used some of his cohorts to spread a false rumor of that he and his family had fallen victim to a handful of renegade road bandits.

    For years he remained in hiding, safe behind the countless rumors that surfaced of his demise. He recluded to the dense forest in southern Medievia, and began constructing an enormous estate nestled in the dark confines of the woods. Occasionally he would send his recruiters into some of the smaller surrounding towns to seek out the poor and unfortunate, taking advantage of their desperate state and turning them into his serfs. In a few years the Count had built a small empire of his own, hidden from the rest of the world, which he could rule.

    Several years after completing a monumental mansion that served as the estate's centerpiece, sickness and disease began to overcome the residents. Years of neglect and care for his servants had finally caught up with the Count as his serfs, living in horrid conditions, were overcome with a terrible virus. Being secluded from the rest of the world and having no medical or clerical skills available, the serfs died quickly but their disease did not.

    The virus spread throughout the estate, infecting the Count and his family. The Count refused to seek medical or clerical assistance outside of the estate, fearing word would spread that he and his family were still alive. In a matter of weeks, the disease had claimed the life of the Count's wife and his only son. As the days wore on, he suffered alone, dying slowly from the virus that had claimed everyone around him.

    Part 2

    An account from the recently recovered journals of Tylfirre Nain, an experienced and well-respected explorer from the town of Gdangus

    First Day of the Month of the Goddess' Death, Year 536
    After a long night of debate I have finally convinced a handful of my men to return with me to the estate grounds of the infamous Count Van'Kyln. The towering mansion that stands to the north of the overgrown fields seems to beckon me every time I step through the estate's gate. I know that hidden behind those walls are the answers to the questions of the royal family's demise. Although my plea to return to this dangerous area was met with much hesitation and speculation, I believe those who have chosen to accompany me share the same feelings that I do.

    Fourth Day of the Month of the Goddess' Death, Year 536
    We have finally reached the secluded, forested area that confines the estate. My men and I have set up camp and plan to venture within the walls at dawn tomorrow.

    Fifth Day of the Month of the Goddess' Death, Year 536
    Perhaps I have underestimated the strength of these awful beings that lurk within the estate's cemetery. I've lost two of my best men to a hoard of renegade skeletons. Although this has visibly weakened the morale of our group, I've convinced them that we cannot turn back now.

    Sixth Day of the Month of the Goddess' Death Year 536
    Spirits are high today! We have found the lost key to the estate mansion. I am trembling with excitement and anticipation for I know that tomorrow my men and I will venture forth into Van'Kyln's home and discover, once and for all, the truth to the demise of he and his family. The promise of great treasure and knowledge awaits us, as does danger...

    This is last entry from the journal. It was discovered lying in the wilderness several miles from the estate. Presently, Tylfirre Nain and his men have not returned and there has been no correspondence of any kind to the villagers of Gdangus.

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