The Spire of Kirys Ayr

Designed by Calisen, Shalafi, Kathithaya & Thranz
  • Rooms: 128
  • Lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 22-25
  • Medium Groups: 17-21
  • Large Groups: 16-19

  • Kirys Ayr paused to take one last look at the beautiful city of Vanlarra. Her father, the proprietor of the Common Grounds coffee shop in the City of Medievia, had wanted her to study at the Academy of Braneri, believing it to be the "proper" place for a young lady of her social standing. Kirys, of course, never had any intention of fulfilling his wish. She didn't have any particular aversion to the place - she loved literature, music, art, and all the other subjects the Academy would have instructed her in - but she had her heart set on something else. Adventure.

    Ever since she was a little girl, Kirys had been fascinated by the stories told to her by her grandmother. Some of her fondest memories from childhood were of sitting by the fireside in her father's shop as Kalissa Ayr related tales of epic adventures from the glory days of her youth to the gathered patrons. Early on Kirys had made up her mind that she wanted to become a legendary sorceress just like her grandmother. When she reached the age of sixteen, her father hesitantly agreed to allow her begin her training under the mages of Vanlarra. He had hoped she would change her mind and attend the Academy instead, but he also knew that forbidding her to follow her dreams would only make her more determined. She had too much of his mother's spirit in her.

    Now, four years later, Kirys Ayr was leaving Vanlarra. She had been one of the brightest students in recent memory, and she had learned all she could from the mages. Now it was time for her to set out on her own and begin to build her own reputation, just as her grandmother had so many years ago. Of all her grandmother's stories, one in particular had always inspired awe in her. Kirys decided at that moment where she would begin the first of her many adventures. She would return to the City of Medievia and sign on with a group of like-minded adventurers, and together they would do their part to protect the citizens of Medievia by venturing into the subterranean catacombs that were home to countless denizens of evil. If her grandmother's tales were any indication, she was in for the thrill of a lifetime!

    Several weeks later, Kirys and her new companions approached the entrance to the catacombs. Only their leader, Torel Stranek, had ever gone into the catacombs before. His experience more than made up for the inexperience of the rest of the group. Torel was perfectly capable of surviving in the catacombs alone, but he enjoyed showing the ropes to new adventurers.

    As they neared their destination, Kirys marveled at the magnificent spire of obsidian before them. The evil creatures of the catacombs frequently changed the location of their exit to the surface world, but more than anywhere else they preferred to ascend to the surface through the massive caverns beneath the spire. In her mind, Kirys imagined that the spire looked strikingly similar to the tower in Vanlarra where she had studied. Suddenly a thought occurred to her. As the daughter of a wealthy shopkeeper, Kirys had a substantial bank account of her own. She had never been entirely comfortable with her privileged upbringing, wanting to be judged on her own merits. That was part of the reason she had wanted to follow in her grandmother's footsteps. But now she saw an opportunity to use her wealth for the benefit of all the citizens of Medievia. She would hire a team of craftsmen to turn the spire of obsidian into a beautiful tower where new adventurers could practice their skills and seasoned veterans could eat, rest, and gather supplies before venturing into the untamed depths of the catacombs. And of course, the very top of the spire would be reserved for Kirys' private quarters. After all, a heroic adventurer like herself couldn't spend the rest of her life living with her parents!

    Kirys laughed to herself. Perhaps she was getting a little bit ahead of herself. Gathering her long silver robe about her, she bravely followed Torel Stranek down over the edge of a powerful waterfall, ready to begin her first adventure.

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