The City of Karlisna

Designed by Vryce, Gamina & Highlander
  • Rooms: 101
  • Lifespan: 11 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 14-20
  • Medium Groups: 11-14
  • Large Groups: 9-12

  • Description:
    On the eastern shores of Medievia lies the city of Karlisna, where the magical race of the Karlisnians is at home. This race once ran rampant over large portions of the realm. Because of their great powers, they were able to charm the evil dragons of Medievia and use them for their battles to place all of the surrounding land under their power. So riding on dragonbacks the Karlisnians terrorised the continent, taking what they wanted, leaving the people in fear of their powers and gruesome minds. No one was safe in those days and the people lived in terror, but also their anger grew and grew.

    No longer willing to accept this terror, the Duke of Trellor sent out his master spy Esdorelious to find out why the Karlisnians were so mighty. Using the weaknesses in the more and more degenerating higher ranks of the Karlisnians and their avarice to corrupt them, Esdorelious finally found out about the crystal device that granted the Karlisnians their great powers.

    Using his skills in intrigue and corruption Esdorelious finally managed to manipulate the crystal device and within its next use it exploded and Esderelious only survived using his magic skills. Immediately the powers of the Karlisnians began to vanish and the evil dragons flew away to hunt for their own interests.

    As they lost many of their powers, the inhabitants of the surrounding lands fought them back on land and sea. All of the Karlisnians' navy was destroyed and their forces, no longer riding on dragons, were decimated. As if that weren't disasterous enough, a plague hit the Karlisnians, causing many deaths that left them unable to beget. Not all of the magic was lost, so the Karlisnians began to magically gather followers to help them defend their home. They gathered many to help them reproduce, but only few males were born and many others could not beget as well. To get more people to the city, the Karlisnians made a treaty with the pirate Captain Ranmarke to bring them more slaves. Many of the new slaves neede to be charmed by magic to fight for the Karlisnians' home. Many others creatures helped freely, because of the need for trade within the city. Unfortunately, many of those slaves also left when the power was deplete only a few stayed and signed on as guards or mages to try to restore the city to it's glory.

    So today, the old King Kalklinor is sitting on his throne, staying alive only by the use of magic and strong magical drugs that give him inhuman powers. He is continually seeking for a way to again breed his race and bring darkness to the lands.

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