Kabeljau Cove

Designed by Celylia
  • Rooms: 137
  • Lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 23-26
  • Medium Groups: 22-25
  • Large Groups: 20-23

  • Description:
    The gentle rays of the warm summer sun beat down upon Caliowen's face as she held hands with her lover, Gilidor. They left early for the picnic lunch with their schoolmate. Disappearing into the base of the tower, they started on their trek for the top. The trapdoor on the roof of the tower creaked open, and resting atop a red and white checkered picnic blanket was their friend Cerranna. As Cerranna's piercing blue eyes met Caliowen's gaze, Cerranna's face lit up with an odd grin.

    Gilidor sat down on the blanket and set to work preparing their lunch while the two girls ran off giggling, Cerranna eager to show Caliowen a beautiful white swan she had seen swimming on the lake below.

    "Isn't the swan just perfect?" Cerranna proclaimed as she leaned over the tower's wall, smiling to herself.

    Cerranna pulled Caliowen close and whispered softly in her ear, "It's just like my love for Gilidor. Perfect, but there is this one obstacle in the way..."

    With that said, Cerranna engaged Caliowen, attempting to push her over the edge. Caliowen quickly stepped away as Cerranna lunged for her, and Cerranna lost her balance, falling over the edge. Caliowen quickly reached over and grabbed Cerranna's arm, attempting to save her. Gilidor rushed to the edge as Caliowen's grip slowly started to slip. Cerranna's eyes glowed blood-red for a moment as an evil grin swept over her face. Cerranna laughed, letting go, and her body fell quickly to the watery depths below. A second before she hit the water's surface, she called out "We were meant to be together! You will see..."


    Caliowen shot straight up in bed, gasping for air. Wiping the beads of sweat from her brow, she buried her head into her knees, rocking her body slightly back and forth, lost in her own thoughts. It had been exactly three years since that day, but the same dream plagued her sleep every night. She glanced over at Gilidor; he always appeared so innocent while he was asleep. Lying back down, she curled up next to her love and fell back asleep.


    As the first few rays of the morning sun peeked through the window, the couple arose, ready for another day of work. The scent of fish wafted throughout the house, filling their nostrils. Caliowen grabbed her husband's fishing gear off the wall and hurried him out the door.

    As they arrived at the water's edge, Gewerba, the mother of the village trader, approached them. She explained her son had fallen ill and was unable to run his route today. Gilidor quickly volunteered and set off on his way to deliver the morning catch to the local villages. Gilidor kissed Caliowen softly and assured her he would only be gone a few hours.

    Night fell, and Caliowen found herself stationed outside the gates of the town, desperately scanning the hillside for her husband's wagon. The night slowly faded back into day, and Caliowen, with her tear-soaked handkerchief, could bear no more. As the sun reached its high point in the sky, a strange wagon rolled up to the gates of the Cove, carrying a large wooden box and four soldiers from a nearby village.

    The soldiers removed their hats and asked Caliowen to sit down. They explained they had found her husband's wagon a short distance from their town. His goods had been stolen, and his body was torn to shreds. Giving their condolences, they placed the box near her feet and went on their way.

    Grief-stricken and lost, Caliowen shrank away into the a shell of a woman, refusing to eat or even to get out of bed. Villagers came by her house, bringing gifts and food in hopes of cheering her up, but to no avail. On the eighth night, a strange wind blew in off the ocean, causing the pages of a small black spellbook to blow open. Caliowen got out of bed to close the window, and on her way back, the book caught her eye. In bold red letters, it read:

    "The power of true love is greater than any other form of magic known to mortals. Nothing in life or death shall ever separate true soulmates, no matter the circumstance."

    Intrigued, Caliowen read on, and learned of a spell to create a portal to the realm of the dead. She knew it was a dangerous spell, but she felt there was no other way. She quickly got dressed and ran off into the darkness of the night, eager to see her husband again.

    Casting the enchantment wore heavily on her weakened body, and as the portal to the other realm opened, Caliowen collapsed to her knees and fell to the ground. Her mind and willpower held the portal open as her body lay limp in the grass, unable to move or call out. In a last desperate attempt, she prayed to the River Goddess in hope that some brave adventurer would find her and save her ... and her husband.

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