The Island of Xanthal

Designed by Furan & Kostia
  • Rooms: 74
  • Lifespan: 30 minutes
  • Type: NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 24-31
  • Medium Groups: 20-25
  • Large Groups: 18-22

  • Description:
    Long ago the arch-mage Xanthal was discovered practicing evil arcane magic whilst studying in Castle Medievia. He and four other mages were found to be a part of a grand scheme to create an army of halfman-half beast soldiers that could be used to destroy evil. Instead of using normal magic they had turned to witchcraft and demonworship to gain the required powers. The five wizards were banished to a solitude island far out from themainland. For countless ages nothing was heard from them or from their island. But recently a ship blown far off course came upon an island. When they went ashore to find fresh water they were set upon by beastmen. They fled and when they finally made it back to port they told their story. Word spread and now the Kind of Medievia has asked parties of adventurers to go out to the island and put a stop to the wizards forever.

    Plenty to search around for here so keep your eyes peeled.

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