The City-State of Inurbial

Designed by Puflet
  • Rooms: 262
  • Lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 24-27
  • Medium Groups: 22-25
  • Large Groups: 20-23

  • Description:

    A young man clad in a mud-spattered tunic and boots reeled into the inn's common room. "Treachery!" he shouted. "Villainy! The Princess Berrocy has been kidnapped by the vile minions of Metator! To arms, brave warriors, and help me rescue her!"

    Balico and his comrades gripped their beer steins more firmly. "Who are you? Why should we help you? What's in it for us?"

    The young man threw his shoulders back and lifted his chin. "I am Prince Joen of Tazos. Great will be your reward if you help return my betrothed from the dungeons of Inurbial."

    "If you're a prince," Balico drawled, "why don't you have your own army rescue your betrothed?"

    Joen hung his head. "Alas, my men are engaged on the playing field. The villain timed his attack carefully."

    "Surely your warriors will break off their game to help you," Balico said.

    "You don't understand. Whenever disputes arise between Tazos and Inurbial or the other two city-states, we resolve the issue upon the playing field, so that it will not come to war. The playing field lies within the crater of Inurbial, and it is a thing of sorcery, built for Metator by a foreign wizard. The warriors cannot leave until their game is concluded. That is why I appeal to you."

    Someone laughed from the shadows of a corner. "I've heard that the tyrant of Inurbial has vast dungeons filled with monsters and a palace full of booby traps. Why would anyone risk such dangers to help you?"

    Balico looked at his comrades. Shrugging, they turned back to their beers.

    "You must help!" the Prince argued. "It is the right thing, the heroic thing to do." A jingle of coins made every head in the room snap up. "I can help with the fortune tellers who block the mountain pass or the wing merchants on the crater rim. I will give you gold enough to appease them."

    Balico smiled. The adventure suddenly looked much more interesting.

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