The Hives of the Giants

Designed by Corax
  • Rooms: 150
  • Lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 29-31
  • Medium Groups: 25-30
  • Large Groups: 21-27

  • Description:
    The buzzing sound was growing closer and more insistent with every moment. Rathmore tugged on Wormser's cape, urging him to hurry. "I can't go any faster," the thief hissed from the darkness. "My feet keep getting stuck in all the honey!"

    Rathmore held up his light for a moment, risking discovery for a chance to catch his bearings again. "I swear we've been through this room before. That broken wax pane looks familiar. Let's try this way." Rathmore hauled his boots out of the honey and trudged north into yet another massive chamber. The buzzing sound was growing closer and more insistent with every moment.

    Wormser whined softly. "We already have more honey than we can carry-- this will fetch us ten fortunes in Hidden Valley. Why don't we just leave before the spell wears off?" The pair ducked suddenly as a huge, buzzing shape flew over their heads and out of the room again.

    Rathmore slogged forward. "I told you, dolt, the real prize here is the royal jelly in the third hive. We've come all this way with the bees none the wiser, and we're almost at the top. I'm not leaving without the jelly. Now stop your whining and hurry up!"

    Wormser made a strange sound, but was suddenly very silent.


    Rathmore wheeled around as quickly as he could in the knee-deep honey and saw a dark, humanoid figure with glowing red eyes standing over his friend's lifeless form, a dripping dagger in its hand.

    "No! Please, no!"

    Rathmore instinctively reached for his light and drew his sword, even as the silent figure began relieving Wormser's corpse of his belongings.

    Rathmore prepared to charge into battle, but stopped short as the buzzing reached a crescendo around him. Several angry bees, each the size of a draft horse, flew in from the south, drawn to the light in his hand. Rathmore panicked, nearly leaping out of his boots as he fled from the bees through the honey that dripped silently from the walls.

    Up ahead, the chamber seemed to be dry and free of honey, and Rathmore sprinted for it, with at least half a dozen bees close behind. As his boots struck the wax floor, there came a sickening CRACK! It gave way beneath his weight, and he plunged through the hole into the chamber below. As he fell, he saw a full dozen bees fly up from below to meet him, as even more poured through the hole after him.

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