Lumond's Haven for New Adventurers

  • Rooms: 233
  • Lifespan: 30 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
    Level 1-20
    No Mobs to kill, but it has portals to other zones.

    The City of Medievia was hustling and bustling and productive as ever. Hundreds of players could fit easily within its sprawling gates, and hundreds of mobs wandered its busy streets. Vryce looked down upon the city proudly, but began to frown as he noticed scraps of paper and ragged posters littering office fronts and tree trunks. Hundreds of "missing person" posters seemed to exist in the city as well! Medievia was so big that players were getting hopelessly lost there, never to be found again.

    Vryce called upon the druid Lumond, who was a powerful mage, to create a haven away from the City of Medievia, in which new adventurers could navigate easily in a quieter environment. Lumond set to work at once, and he managed to build a magnificent garden complete with shops, utilities, and assistance that a new player might need. He called upon friends he had met in his travels from all over the continent to come and help players in the new city. Representatives from many races and cultures arrived to become shopkeepers, trainers, and instructors.

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