The Gypsy Camp

Designed by Danae & Kathithaya
  • Rooms: 55
  • Lifespan: 15 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 10-15
  • Medium Groups: 8-13
  • Large Groups: NR

  • The gypsies once lived among others, relishing the companionship of people outside their own villages. Travelers came across the land to trade with the gypsies; they found their food extravagant and their hand-crafted jewels enchanting. Then one day, the sky turn an eerie purple as a strange, magical storm ravaged their land. Spellbound lightning bolted across the region, tainting the food grown within the fields. Slowly the gypsies began to change, they were unable to understand their native language, and others became unsure of them. As an odd yearning called to them, they disbanded and created large packs of wagons to journey across unknown lands in search of their calling.

    For generations they traveled this way. The magic that had taken their lands now followed them, surrounding them in a strange purple light. The peculiar aura served as a warning that they were outsiders and had fallen under the wrath of an angry god. Each town or village that they came to, they were shunned and forced to leave.

    Confusion filled their hearts, and loneliness began to consume them. Then one day in their many travels they came across a band of people much like themselves. These people were strange creatures from every corner of the land. They had magic users, animal trainers, and men that wore strange wooden legs. They too traveled from village to village with their carnival, entertaining the people. The gypsies could not speak with them, for their language was unknown, yet the Carnies appeared not to be concerned with this and brought them into their folds. The gypsies hid in the background, and the Carnies entertained the people, bringing in money and goods as they needed. They grew very fond of each other and continued for many generations to live among one another.

    They traveled across the lands, and came to the city of Medieiva, where they came across Madame Isramala. She was a magical woman, and spoke their language. She told them of a place northwest of the city that radiated the same strange purple light as they. She told them she would show them where it was if she were allowed to follow them, for no other people has ever known her language. They agreed and she led them to the forest that lined the mountainside just outside the city; a bright, magical purple light surrounded the area. The strange light that had followed the gypsies for so long slowly faded, and they knew they had found their home.

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