The Village of G'dangus

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  • Rooms: 224
  • Lifespan: 25 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 27-31
  • Medium Groups: 23-27
  • Large Groups: 21-26

  • Description:

    An Open Letter to the Citizens of Medievia
    from the G'dangus Village Travel and Tourism Assocation

    On the eastern shore of the Medievia continent is the small trading village of G'dangus. The village has stood on this spot longer than anyone can remember. It has become a destination for merchants throughout the lands because of its proximity to the sea. Over the years the town has grown in size and offers more for today's travelers than it did in the past.

    G'dangus boasts quite an assortment of things to visit, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

    Don't miss the beautiful greenhouse gardens, which are full of many varieties of plants and exotic birds. Smell the wonderful fragrance of flowers brought back from distant ports of call. See a collection of birds like no other in the land.

    For those of you who come for excitement, there are several night-time establishments to enjoy. The Crow's Nest Bed and Breakfast offers fine cuisine and rooms for the night, or if you are looking to party, the Rusty Barnacle is your port of call. You will be up all night absorbing the local culture firsthand!

    If you want a more serene trip, might we suggest a tour of the Mead Works of G'dangus? Here a brew is concocted from fermented honey and spring water that will put a warm glow on your cheeks.

    Some places of historical interest to visit are the Gaol and the Graveyard. In front of the Gaol is the 'chopping block,' as the local citizens call it. During a rebellion led by the infamous pirate captain Emil Lagassty, thirty-two pirates were captured and executed here. Unfortunately, Legassty was never caught, but he died on his ship during a terrible storm. A historical tour would not be complete without a visit to the Graveyard, where monuments to the courage of sailors have been erected.

    If you are traveling by horse or ship to G'dangus, the two most prominent pieces of architecture will already be familiar to you. The Bell Tower and the Lighthouse were built during the period when Eligah G'dangus was still Burgomeister of the village. The Bell Tower is part of the church and is accessible to anyone, no matter what your faith. The bell inside is highly decorated and is dedicated to the memory of lost sailors. The Lighthouse was built after an unfortunate number of ships ran aground or hit the coral reef. It has been maintained and working for over six hundred years.

    You can end your historical tour of G'dangus by visiting the local historian at the library to learn more about the places you have visited.

    Originally the village was called Havensport, but it was renamed for a prominent hero born and raised in the village. Eligah G'dangus was his name. As a small boy growing up watching the ships bring in cargo and the less-than-honorable pirates come to get supplies, Eligah dreamed of a life of travel. When he was fourteen both his parents died of a plague that ravaged the village. With nothing to bind him to this place he joined a secret Pirates' Guild and set sail for adventure.

    He grew up as a pirate and eventually commanded his own vessel, The Adder's Tongue. While he was visiting his home port, a reward was offered for the slaying of a sea serpent called the Ouroborus. The serpent would bite its own tail and spin madly, creating a massive whirlpool. This creature sank several local ships as they attempted to enter the port.

    Feeling some pride for his old home, G'dangus set out to kill the serpent. After a day of searching he came across the creature that terrorized the village. In a battle that lost him his ship and half his crew, Eligah returned to the village with the serpent's head.

    In their gratitude, the people of the village voted unanimously to rename the village of Havensport to G'dangus and made Eligah the Burgomeister.

    If you want to learn more, you will have to visit our fair village and discover it for yourself.

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

    -- The G'dangus Village Travel and Tourism Association

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