The Garden of Reminiscence

Designed by Calrog
  • Rooms: 124
  • Lifespan: 40
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 28-31
  • Medium Groups: 26-31
  • Large Groups: 24-29

  • Description:
    Leaves from the journal of the last days of the knight Korlshisar ...

    The 35th Day of the Month of Dark Magick, Year 537.
    While browsing through the ancient library of Trellor I came across a venerable monk of an ancient order, usually not seen outside of their holy temple, the location of which is lost to nearly all of Medievia. In my many travels I once sought their order out for the vast knowledge held within their halls. This monk told me of a strange garden that had appeared out of the grey mists near his order's sacred temple. After much pondering, they had decided to send an exploration into the garden to seek further knowledge of what lay within. He then went on to request that I accompany the monks on their unknowing journey.

    The 13th Day of the Month of the Blood Moon, Year 537.
    After many days' trek I have met up with the monks and we have started towards this mysterious garden. They seem apprehensive and ward themselves against dark evil constantly.

    The 19th Day of the Month of the Blood Moon, Year 537.
    We have reached the walls of the garden, and a sense of peace has surrounded our party. I do not believe these monks have anything to fear and certainly no need for my blade.

    The 25th Day of the Month of the Blood Moon, Year 537.
    The moon glows red tonight, ironic considering what month it is. We have found nothing here but a splendid garden of unimaginable beauty. The monks say they have found an ancient plaque and are translating it. They believe they have uncovered what the plaque says ... I did not catch all of what they were talking about, but it seems to be a message about a doorway. Oddly, the monks mentioned they had found a circular doorway cut into black marble. One of them said he saw a figure standing in the shadows but I have searched and found no trace. The flowers' scent, while beautiful, has grown old with our stay here. Something troubles me but I know not what.

    The 30th Day of the Month of the Blood Moon, Year 537.
    I do not believe we are alone here. Strange noises echo through the garden at night. The monks have gone from enlightened peace to babbling madmen. They rant and scream about a doorway and that we are doomed. I am glad I still have my blade and my senses; with both we shall all make it out of here.

    The 35th Day of the Month of the Blood Moon, Year 537.
    For five days I have fought, with only this moment's respite. The monks are either dead or driven mad by something I do not know, but I fear it will take me soon. If these pages are read by another then there is still hope that our mission has not failed. The monks recorded all they could into a large tome they brought, along with several tomes they found in a library here. I will try and get them to the safety of their order's temple.

    -=+=- -=+=- -=+=-

    The Garden of Reminiscence. A small and peaceful garden shrouded in grey mists, guarded by an ancient order of monks. Inside this garden is the final resting place of a once-beautiful queen. Rumours tell that the garden was her summer home until she died at the hands of an ancient, unknown evil.

    Some strange force has woken the inhabitants of the garden.

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