The Forest of the Undead

Designed by Taeloch
  • Rooms: 246
  • Lifespan: 90 minutes
  • Type: LPK, NPK, CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 31-31
  • Small Groups: 27-31
  • Large Groups: 25-31

  • As I walked across the beach, I came upon something that had washed up on the shore. The sand had partially washed away from around the bone as the tide came slowly rolling in. The sunlight sparkled against the water as my outstretched hand reached down to pick up what I had found. As I raised my arm with the bone in my right hand, I began to feel a strange burning sensation in my wrist. With a bright *FLASH*, the bone burst into a thousand pieces, burning into my flesh and cutting my skin.

    A few days later, when I awakened on the straw bed in the doctor's hut near my home town of Lyryanoth, I began to have visions. These visions were of various apparitions doing terrible, unspeakable acts to humans and other creatures. The torture went on in my mind, over and over, day and night. In my dreams and while awake, these horrid nightmares started to twist my unconscious thoughts into ideas of mangled, decapitated bodies, writhing in pain until I put them out of their misery.

    I still remember, it was the Day of Compassion when I was released by the doctor. I walked home, carrying a small fragment of bone that I picked up at the beach. The burning began again, not in my skin, but within my veins. My blood began to boil, as I became furious with anger towards everything alive.

    As time went on, my fury became reality, as I began to read about death, demons, and the afterlife. My fascination with death estranged me from my family and friends, and I moved from the town to a small shack in the wilderness a few miles from my old home. This was where I began my research into the intricacies of the necromantic arts. I started by reading book after book, and speaking to local mages regarding the demonic spirits that rule the afterlife. I realized that the most evil of wizards could not only control the bodies of the dead, but could place together the elements of time and space to raise rotting corpses from where they fell.

    My first experiment was a failure. The corpse did not rise; however, I do believe it attempted to move its body slightly. I tried again, and again, and I tried again. For seven months I tried to gain access to the minds of the dead, until one night, as I wrote in my journal about my most recent failure, I heard a quiet knock at the door. The roar of thunder in the distance nearly prevented me from hearing anything. As I stood up to see who had come to see me, the door was *BASHED* open, nearly coming off its hinges. The splintered wood frame fell to the ground.

    Standing there was an enormous creature, with flesh rotting from its limbs. Its chest was hollowed out where maggots had eaten its organs. Lying in its arms was a beautiful young woman with a dagger in her chest. The blood had soaked into her clothes.

    Rain began to fall outside as the undead creature laid the girl on my table. It walked right up to where I was standing in shock and said one word, "Fiiiiiiiiiiiixxxxxxxx," in a long, drawn-out moan. Unable to move or speak from fright, I grabbed the reagents from the shelf on the wall and arranged them alongside her voluptuous body. The dagger must have penetrated directly into her heart, as the amount of blood soaked into her clothes was astonishing.

    I placed the nightshade powder in her mouth as I poured holy water on her forehead. I chanted 'Drixnil itum ptlm' as her body began to shudder. Could this be my first success? I walked away for the spell to take effect, and her body nearly fell from the table. When I came back, I took a bottle of demonic solitude from the shelf and set it near her head. All of a sudden, her body stopped moving. I could hear the cries of demons and angels fighting for her soul, and I began again to chant, bringing her soul into the bottle where I would capture it.

    At the moment her soul began to come forth from her dead body, a lightning bolt struck the tallest tree above my house, and the trunk fell onto the roof, breaking two thick beams, my concentration, and the spell. Her body laid still, unmoving, and her soul was lost forever.

    That next morning, while cleaning up the debris from my destroyed home, I decided I would build on what I learned that night, but on a much grander scale. I would create an army of souls, and march them into the city I once called home, and I would destroy those who looked upon me as different. I had failed for the last time. They would shun me no longer.


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