The Forbidden Forest

Designed by Alotta, Revamped by Ranetuom
  • Rooms: 161
  • Lifespan: 9 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 7-10
  • Medium Groups: 4-7
  • Large Groups: 1-7

  • Long ago, when Vryce created the great City of Medievia, the people flocked to fill it. For many years there was peace and harmony in the city, but, as time passed, everyone wanted bigger and better homes, ones more impressive than their neighbors'. The builders and artisans of Medievia were placed under greater and greater pressure. Quickly the demand for building materials outweighed the supply.

    Not far from the City of Medievia, there was a forest. It had no name, as there had never been a need to name it. Greedy builders and carpenters eyed it as an easy source of lumber and stone, and it was not long before the forest rang with the sounds of saws felling trees and pickaxes breaking stone.

    For several months the rape of the forest continued. Citizens who loved the sight of the beautiful old-growth trees spoke up, but were drowned out by the wealthy and prominent, who wanted more ornate homes and cared little for anything else.

    So these concerned citizens formed a secret band, calling themselves the Ungiri, and several of them went to live in the forest, in hopes that they could impede its destruction. With regular supplies from their fellow conspirators in the city, they managed to slow the work of the masons and woodcutters, but could not halt it.

    The pillage of the forest went on until the woodcutters had cut deep into its center, where they were set upon by many diminutive figures dressed in dark greens and browns. Several woodsmen were killed, and the other workers refused to return to the forest. Soldiers were sent in, and they, too, were ambushed by the tiny folk, who disappeared among the trees almost as quickly as they had appeared.

    For many years, these guerrilla ambushes by the elves kept everyone away from the heart of the forest. The only people they left untouched were the Ungiri, who had worked from the beginning to help protect the forest.

    Rumors of the attacks flew through the city. The woods quickly became known as the Forbidden Forest, and the mysterious folk who lived there appeared in stories told to frighten young children. Eventually, the local entrepreneurs who had attempted to operate in the Forbidden Forest were driven out of business by traders who brought wood and stone from farther away. The woodcutters' huts in the Forbidden Forest fell apart from neglect, and the quarry was closed, its key hidden.

    As the years passed, many people forgot about the inhabitants of the Forbidden Forest, and even the origin of the name. The Ungiri in the city fostered this lack of interest in the ancient forest and perpetuated the myths about it, protecting the forest as it slowly--ever so slowly-- started to regrow from the torture it had withstood.

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