Ezekiel's Mansion

Designed by Calrog
  • Rooms: 62
  • Lifespan: Unknown
  • Type: NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 28+
  • Medium Groups: N/A
  • Large Groups: N/A

  • The following is all the researchers in the great library of Trellor have found about the place.

    Writings of the bard Tembulitus.

    I compose this on the day of Honor, 9th day of the Month of Medievia's Birth Moon, Year 541. After more than a year I make the following report.

    Abigail, the Faerie Queen, bestowed Ezekiel the estate for his great deeds before her death. Astoroth, an evil demon, has sent his servants to the mansion to corrupt it, just as he sent Buer to the gardens of Elysium and Chiron to the castles of Medievia.

    Astoroth has stolen the key to the barrier of faerie magic which protects the mansion from his demons--and from mortals. He seeks cunning heroes to enter the mansion and slay the elven forces residing inside.

    Because of the demons' assault the elven knights have bolstered the mansion's defenses. The Darkwatch Guards, including their commander Quillia Thalyn, have taken up residence within the mansion and are ready to stop any intruder. They are said to be some of the fiercest elven knights.

    Rumors also say the elf lord Thri'linadar, a mighty hero of the battles with the evil dragon, now lives at the mansion. These same rumors speak of a frost wyrm called Inyukiein. It is said that the wyrm was captured by Ezekiel in ages past and still harbors a thirst for vengeance on the mage. No reason can be found as to why the wyrm resides within the mansion.

    Ezekiel spends nearly all his time helping to defend Elysium, but his apprentice, Seoman, and several manservants still maintain the mansion in proper order and keep powerful objects of magic within its confines.

    When Astoroth stole the mansion's key he also used foul magic to send the demon Fen'rais inside. Although the demon is now trapped within the mansion he still has access to the blacksmiths of hell.

    Astoroth has made a pact with the gods of Medievia for the mansion key, and any others he can acquire, to be offered to the heroes of Medievia.

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