El Cantara

Designed by Ellodie
  • Rooms: 128
  • Lifespan: 15 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 15-17
  • Medium Groups: 10-14
  • Large Groups: 8-12

  • Description:
    In his quest to find the Star of E'Kadth, an artifact which reportedly contains a powerful magic that makes the wearer invincible, Pherrance, the Duke of Trellor, has sent many adventurers into the wilds of Medievia searching for clues to its whereabouts. His latest discovery is an ancient scroll, which was sent off to the Academy of Braneri for study. Upon its reading, the parchment was destroyed, but the contents were transcribed and translated. The scholars had discovered a map, and a first-hand account of the hiding of the Star.

    El Cantara is an oasis city that is home to a thriving artist colony. But the city houses more than performers and artisans. Inside the walls, the Duke believes there is sheltered a valuable artifact hidden among the secret treasures of the city. Pherrance, and other treasure hunters like him, will stop at nothing to be the first to find the Star.

    This zone is the second in a trilogy, so the story doesn't end here. The zone Dragmire Stronghold is part one. While the people of El Cantara are the peaceful sort, there are some creatures in the area that may not be so friendly.

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