The City of Dray'mar

Designed by Elorei
  • Rooms: 104
  • Lifespan: 20 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 15-22
  • Medium Groups: 10-20
  • Large Groups: 10-20

  • Description:
    The Dray'marians are a people, radically different in appearance and lifestyle from the human inhabitants of Medievia, and they have long been shrouded in mystery because of their reclusive temperment, and the desolate location of their city, which rests on the eastern side of the great desert. They are mostly merchants, who trade in exotic wares and who sometimes travel across the continent in great caravans. If you go to Dray'mar do not expect much friendly chit chat from its people. They don't like outsiders, yet many people go there to find the precious metal timmerite, which can only be found in the mines beneath the city. Timmerite is very strong, and remarkably light, and can be used to make very fine armor.

    The Dray'marians themselves are quiet, and cold, but will not attack or harm anyone. However, the law officers of the town are rumored to be very lax, and there are supposedly other creatures within the town that are far more hostile. Watch out for Ramentor backstabs, and if you go into the mines, don't underestimate the strong workers you'll find there.

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