DeRah Villedom

Designed by Shalafi
  • Rooms: 95
  • Lifespan: 30 (40) minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 10-12 (25+)
  • Medium Groups: 7-10 (23+)
  • Large Groups: 5-10 (22+)

  • Description:
    DeRah Villadom is a small village nestled in a wooded valley along Medievia's western coast. It has several shops which welcome outsiders and are willing to do business with them. These include a trade shop, an inn, a general store and the stables. Although seemingly benign, this towne has been afflicted by a terrible curse for many centuries. In an act of vengeance, no longer remembered by common men, a powerful, and some say immortal, mage layed an evil enchantment upon the area. Each night a blood red full moon would rise over the village, distorting and corrupting its inhabitants. They would become the vile creatures of nightmares, viciously murdering others and mindlessly destroying their surroundings. A decade after the curse was enacted, a priestess by the name of De'Rah visited the towne and witnessed the horrible fate of the villagers. For a week she prayed to her god for the power to relieve the suffering. She was unable to lift the curse, however, each morning, the people are spared the memories of what occured the previous night. Thus since her visit, the towne's people have believed that De'Rah saved them from their blight.

    The numbers above in parenteses give information on the village at night. This towne becomes much more deadly when the sun goes down. The village, by night, will try to prevent you leaving, so look for an alternate means of escape. Due to the nature of the curse, the church is abandoned by gods each night, making it impossible to pray there except during the daylight hours.

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