Crystal Lake

Designed by Cheshire
  • Rooms: 261
  • Lifespan: 25 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 13-18
  • Medium Groups: 10-16
  • Large Groups: 6-12

  • Description:
    Crystal Lake is designed to offer a wide variety of experience for most lower level players. There are no true distinctions in levels of mobs between sections of this zone; players will need to "consider" each mob until they have a working knowledge of the levels of difficulty. The mobs themselves range from levels 6 to 17, so there is much variety in who can solo which mobs. Very few of the creatures are aggressive, and only slightly more can detect invisible or see sneaking players.

    The creatures at Crystal Lake have had their genes toyed with to produce unusual species. The result is large, more intelligent creatures in a rainbow of exotic colors.

    Hints and Tips:
    The bugs and flies are the lowest level mobs, usually found around the path and in the picnic and campground areas. The tadpoles and leeches are a step higher, found around the outer edges of the lake. Larger tadpoles, leeches, and several varieties of fish are a step above that. Several "name mobs" are highest in levels, though please take care; one of these mobs can aid you if you will leave it alive. There is also an altar in the zone, and it is relatively easy to locate on the southeastern corner.

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