The Condemned Arena

Designed by Cryo
  • Rooms: 331
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 29-31
  • Medium Groups: 28-31
  • Large Groups: 28-31

  • A gang of outlaws and bandits have taken refuge in an old and forgotten arena positioned somewhere south of the great sea of blood. Angry merchants have been whining to the Duke of Trellor to take action against these bandits since they have been raiding their caravans as they pass through the area. The arena was built by a highly advanced civilization that was extinguished centuries ago, but the bloodsports performed within were deemed by the gods to be too inhumane and the arena was condemned. Since then the area has been rarely visited and the roads have become overgrown and difficult to locate. Only the richest merchants have had the resources to pass through the cursed land.

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