The Coliseum

Designed by Ganepathi
  • Rooms: 303
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: NR
  • Medium Groups: 31-31
  • Large Groups: 31-31

  • Story:
    During the last couple of months lumberjacks working in the woods around Medievian cities have reported seeing a strange note posted on trees deep within the forest. It was mainly thought of as myth, until one was brought back from the woods. The note which had some archaic language written on it finally found its way into the hands of a wise medieval historian. After, spending weeks deciphering the note, he has finally completed translating it, and it is presented below, unedited.

    * * *

    Good people of Medievia, We have lived hidden from you for centuries, deep in the forest. The fairies are a nonviolent people. We did not wish to spend our lives in combat with the evil among you. There was a time when we shared the same vision-- to live in peace and harmony with nature, but greed has turned you away from this. Nevertheless, the old among us still believe that there are a few among you that follow the true path, and we need an ally that can help us from certain destruction.

    For some time, the ogre folk have been accumulating wealth by banditry. They are an uncouth, and evil people, but we have tolerated their presence for some time, in order to maintain peace. Recently something has happened that indicates maintaining this path will lead to our demise. An ogre sorcerer has become the head of the ogre clan, and he seems intent on perverting everything he can. The ogres are typically an unintelligent species. This ogre seems to be poor sorcerer material, and he has stolen a fairy child to be his apprentice. This is an abomination, which we cannot allow, and we will expend our last breath to save this child. This being said, we could use your help to depose him. Consider this a plea from us. We need your aid in order to save the child. Your greed shall be well rewarded in plundering the ogre folk.

    Beware, however, for the forest that we live in is dark, and ominous. Only the bravest among you will succeed. Be sure to visit our village first. We will update you on the battle. The sorcerer is reported to be hidden in a white marble structure where he is entertained by all manner of mutated gladiators.

    Jezzailia, The Elder Forest Deity

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