Cholsen's Mansion

Designed by Etoimatzo
  • Rooms: 121
  • Lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 13-17
  • Medium Groups: 9-14
  • Large Groups: 7-13

  • Pity it was an untimely death -- not that he would have shared his findings with the rest of the world -- but old man Cholsen figured out a way to send covered wagons through city portals. No more week-long trips across the Medievian plain; no more mob factions pestering his aging body. But after only a few months of making billions by easy trading, Cholsen was never seen again. Although some of the unscrupulous tradepost masters he dealt with missed the speedy supply drops, most say they are not terribly disappointed about never seeing him again.

    Cholsen prided himself on being a miser and had a personality that even moistened the eyes of a few hardened sailors. "Ya wanted to feel sorry for the ol' guy, all feeble and weak and things o' the like," quoted one anonymous trademaster, who then quickly added, "Ya wanted ta feel sorry for him--until he started flappin' those lips of his."

    One would think that with the passing of this man his large estate would just sit and wither away, but Cholsen's mansion has never been so busy. Mysteriously enough, the serving crew that could stomach being in the same building as Cholsen all these years still go about their chores like nothing has happened; the gardens are kept weedless and pruned; the furniture is dusted; meals are even cooked.

    People, from peasants to adventuring heroes, have also started venturing-- well, trespassing--onto the mansion grounds, all after one thing: the fabled "Cholsen's millions." Could you be one of those people to strike it rich just by uncovering a hidden fortune?

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