Castle Majestic

Designed by Mizuno

Castle Majestic at one time was not so grand. It was once ruled by a force darker than night, a force which showed no compassion, only greed and deceit. Then came a valiant group of warriors known only as the 'Crusaders'. A long bloody war followed. While this war raged the 'Crusaders' became more and more adept in the ways of magic. It is said that the gods themselves took them under their wing to teach them the discipline of magic and overthrow the evil rulers of the land. Finally a special band of 'Crusaders' calling themselves 'Hazards' emerged from the ranks and stormed the castle with wands and hands outstretched. The battle that took place that day was like no other, great tales are still told throughout the land about how the 'Hazards' took the castle with fire and lightening. When the smoke cleared most of the castle was left in ruins. As a gift the gods created for them the castle which can be seen today. The only condition the gods set was that they rule with a just hand. Since that time the 'Hazards' and 'Crusaders' have lived peacefully in their castle, ruling honorably over thier lands. Although the 'Hazards' are distraught, as visions of darkness once again are being seen.

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