The Village of Brookhaven

Designed by Ardothica
  • Rooms: 198
  • Lifespan: 60
  • Type: LPK/NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 31-31
  • Medium Groups: 27-31
  • Large Groups: [22-31

  • Description:
    Dramous, the mayor of Brookhaven, stood upon his moonlit balcony staring at the mountain beyond the forest. He glanced up at the moon and sighed.

    "Three days, four at the most," he muttered to himself. Heading back into his bedroom, he went to his closet and removed a package wrapped in black cloth. He placed the package on his bed and unwrapped it slowly, hands trembling.

    It was his longsword, Deliverance. It was forged by the master blacksmith, Odic, and made of auonium. He had it made during the time of the Vhartog Battles. With this mighty sword he had proved to be an invincible foe. The streets of Brookhaven ran red, and the vhartogs were banished to the forest.

    The vhartogs continued to live and thrive, but the forest was their prison, bordered on two sides by the west and east forks of the mighty Sendoa River and on the north by an impassable mountain. Only the town to the south was left as an escape. But the people of Brookhaven had built a massive stone wall that ran the length of the northern end of town between the two forks of the Sendoa River. A single door was placed in the wall, and was sealed with a spell that was unbreakable by the vhartogs. Countless expeditions had ventured through the door into the forest, and many more vhartogs had died. But more often than not, the expeditions returned with dead and wounded Brookhaven warriors ... or did not return at all.

    Dramous was not without enemies, and he was betrayed during the Vhartog Battles by Kanen and his followers. They too were banished to the forest, where they somehow managed to live among the vhartogs. Some even said that the vhartogs lived under Kanen's rule. But the vhartogs were bloodthirsty creatures, and before long the sacrifices began. Women, old and young, were kidnapped in the night. When the moon grew full, their death cries could be heard coming from the top of the cliffs. It was said that Kanen was offering the lives of the village's women in order to keep the vhartogs under his rule.

    Dramous returned to the balcony and set his eyes on the moon, nearly full. Gripping Deliverance tightly, he made up his mind. He marched back through his bedroom and down the great staircase. As he reached the threshold of the mansion, he felt a hand on his arm. He spun around with fury in his eyes. His advisor, Calib, was there.

    "Let me go, Calib," Dramous said.

    "It is suicide, sir!"

    "She is my daughter! I must try to save her."

    "You will never make it through the woods alive."

    "But Kira will die."

    "Perhaps not. I have received a message," Calib said. He tapped lightly against the crystal sphere in his hand. "There are those that would help us, and they are headed to Brookhaven. They have heard word of your reward and of our plight and will assist us."

    "They will surely fail as the others have."

    "Perhaps ... but we should give them the chance to succeed."

    "Very well. Two more days."

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