The Academy of Braneri

Designed by Scipio
  • Rooms: 120
  • Lifespan: 30 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 24+
  • Medium Groups: 19-23
  • Large Groups: 16-21

  • Description:
    Braneri, self-taught in the arts of magic and literature, sought to promote his love of learning by endowing a large academy. Though long dead, his ghost is rumored to preside over the workings of the academy and bless those students studying in it. The academy is not only home to some of the most brilliant minds in Medievia, but to beautiful architecture, brilliant gardens, and a divinely inspired chapel.

    You're going to get all wet searching for the first two keys, after that, they all fall into place. Do not attempt to kill the divine creature in the bell tower for she wields well the power of god.

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