The Temple of Bloodstone

Designed by Shalafi
  • Rooms: 210
  • Lifespan: 120 minutes
  • Type: NPK/CPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: NR
  • Medium Groups: 26-31
  • Large Groups: 24-31

  • Description:
    The Temple of Bloodstone is now only a twisted ruin of the holy place it once was. Once through the evil forest it lies in, you must enter the temple and defeat the magical guardians created by the archmage Vecna to get at it's treasures. But beware. A legion of Solamnic Knights attempted to free the temple only to become a horde of possessed slaves blocking your path. This is the most dangerous realm on the MUD - have fun!

    Stay away. If you're not with a group experienced here, don't come near it. This zone requires a great deal of time, planning, and coordination. If you do go in, try to sneak all the time.

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