The Cliff of Berkovic

Designed by Shalafi, revamped by Kovu & Kostia
  • Rooms: 193
  • Lifespan: 38 minutes
  • Type: NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 25+
  • Medium Groups: 23-25
  • Large Groups: 21-24

  • Secluded somewhere in the icy heights of Medievia's largest mountain range stands the Cliff of Berkovic. It is rumored that the Master of Elements, Berkovic, resides within this enormous magical structure. The face of the cliff is dotted with cave openings, the depths of which are open to speculation and wild fantasy. A myriad of elemental creatures inhabit the trails and caves around the cliff, including elemental spirits, strange wolves and even a dragon.

    Legend has it that Berkovic stole a sacred gem from an ancient dragon and fled to his home in the cliffs. The dragon, outraged at having his treasure stolen, chased Berkovic to his home. The dragon could not get to Berkovic because the tunnels were too small, so it enlisted the help of a wizard named Tharad. The wizard braved the maze of tunnels and eventually found Berkovic. There was a great battle between the two, and Tharad managed to seal Berkovic away behind a guard of powerful enchantments.

    Since Tharad did not retrieve the gem, he knew he would never survive if the ancient dragon found him. Fearing for his safety, he used a powerful spell to seal himself in a chamber within the cliff, which would protect him until the day when another human being entered.

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