Asnor Mountains

Designed by Lucifuge
  • Rooms: 171
  • Lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Type: NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 28-31
  • Medium Groups: 25-30
  • Large Groups: 23-28

  • The story of Asnor Mountains and Skye Temple:

    The journal reads: "After scouting out the underground caverns I have discovered grave news. The trolls are mounting an army to attack the temple. I managed to squeeze some information out of a rather friendly troll (ha! who would believe such a thing would exist) who glady sold me the information for some fine wine. It seems some group of Dark Mages have an aggreement with the Trolls, they provide magical weapons/spells for an all out assault on the temple in return for the corpses of all their slain victims. The troll was rather unsure what purpose the Mages had for these dead bodies but it said he believed it had something to do with human blood. If what he says is true...the temple is at risk. I pray to the gods that I am able to evade the troll patrols and return to the temple with this news."

    The holy refuge of Skye Temple is under constant nasty trolls! Once you make your way into the temple, you will find many guards and holy people, along with a few surprises. Equipment from Skye is very valuable, and figuring out how to get it is a lot of fun. If you feel drained of your magical energy, look for a *quiet* room to regain it quickly. Also, be sure to loot keys from everything you kill, you will be needing them if you wish to punish the trolls.

    After visiting the temple, you will need to make your way down into the mountain. Be very cautious when you enter, nasty things (perhaps some guards created by the evil mages) will try to stop you. Within the mountain, there are many precious pieces of equipment, all used by trolls who are bent on your destruction. This part of the zone takes careful planning and coordination.

    Before you can get to your ultimate goal, Caolabhuinn , the evil mage who is leading the attack against the temple and inciting the trolls, you will face several very difficult monsters he has put in your path. Make sure you have a cleric who knows their business when you attempt to face down these creatures if you plan to survive! If you can make it to the final destination, the blazing pit from which Caolabhuinn works his evil, you are going to need a strong will and a strong tank (or three) to overtake him. Please...for the sake of the holy priests of Skye Temple, use caution when you approach this evil man, but punish him for the griefs he has brought down upon such a peaceful group.

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