Designed by Zzuliyta
  • Rooms: 141
  • Lifespan: 30 minutes
  • Type: LPK/NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 25+
  • Medium Groups: 22-24
  • Large Groups: 19-22

  • Description:
    At the beginning of the world, a Council of Time was formed, where eight men and women would manipulate time and balance seasons. For centuries, the Council of Time lived peacefully within Arcadia, away from the mortals and everything else. As time went on, the Council of Time slowly faded away from men's memory, for life was well and the world was flourishing.

    Eyira came back from a day of hard work at the fish market and found her father lying motionless on the ground. Grasped tightly in his hand was a small, translucent stone. She dashed toward him and lifted up his head, crying "Father, what happened to you?" Her father remained motionless, and his weak, barely detectable breathing was the only sign of life. Scared and worried, Eyira gently laid her father on his bed and rushed to the village doctor for advice.

    The doctor examined Eyira's father, but he could not find anything wrong with him, not a sign of trauma nor any symptom of disease. Sighing, he advised Eyira to seek help from the Village Council, for perhaps they had dealt with such bizarre cases before.

    After hearing about the strange phenomenon of Eyira's father, the Village Council discussed the issue amongst themselves. After much waiting, Eyira was called to their inner chamber.

    "Eyira," said one of the oldest elders, "Seventy-two years ago, a similar case happened to a man named Sarok. He was a good man, much like your father, hardworking and honest, sincere and helpful. But one day, he was just lying on the floor in a coma. A wise doctor and a scholar back then diagnosed that he, through the aid of a wish stone, had taken on the pain and the suffering of the world and had tried to cleanse the land of Medievia from evil.

    "But that was too much for him to bear, and he slipped into a dreamless sleep. If the same has happened to your father, the only way to wake him from the coma is to go to Arcadia and seek help from the Council of Time, for they are the only ones who can manipulate time and wake the man."

    "Is the wish stone a small, translucent stone?" asked Eyira desperately. "Because my father also has one. How did he get ahold of that? And how can I find Arcadia and the Council of Time?"

    "We do not know for certain," answered the same elder, "except for what was passed down. The wish stone is a mixed blessing, for it is a gift bestowed by the gods. It can grant wishes, but if the holder does not wish carefully, bad things can happen, such as in your father's case. He did not take his own ability into account, and his good will turned against him.

    "As to the whereabouts of Arcadia. According to the legends, the Council of Time was created by the gods when the land of Medievia was first formed. Therefore, Sarok's wife, Ulyea, traveled to a place near Mount Vryce, and I think she found guidance in one of the mountains. Perhaps you can try that, but it is a dangerous time, and you should consider it thoroughly."

    With the determination to save her father, Eyira prepared for the journey to Arcadia. She arranged help from her aunt to take care of her father and departed against her family's advice. "I will save you, my dear father," said Eyira before her departure. That was the last time anyone saw her.

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