Forest of the Alendora

Designed by Mhordamis
  • Rooms: 210
  • Lifespan: 40 minutes
  • Type: LPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 21-24
  • Medium Groups: 18-22
  • Large Groups: 16-22

  • For half a century the War of Illuminated Darkness waged, an endless battle between the Havensdora, otherwise known as the pale elves, and the Malindora, the dark elves. The Havensdora followed the Way of Light and Order, while their cousins traversed the Way of Darkness and Chaos.

    To either one of these races, following the opposite Way was considered blasphemy. Thus came the instinctive dislike, for to each of his kind, pale or dark-skinned, there could only be one Way. But the War was not about religion or Ways - though it did take a major role in the constant battles. No, it was about the magical Forest of the Alendora - and who should own it.

    The Alendora, a conjugation of pale and dark elves, took both Ways, without being accused of blasphemy or otherwise criticized for their religious beliefs. The Alendora lived together as one in their Forest, and it was harmonious. Though one religion followed the Way of Darkness and Chaos, they were respected and accepted by those who took the Way of Light and Order. It was a consensus of religion that led to that peace, and it was because of the melding of both colors that led to the blissful harmony of the two.

    But the Alendora were in for a surprise.

    Celianestu, a philosopher who followed the Way of Darkness and Chaos, concluded that those who praised the Way of Light and Order were the abundant opposite of the Way that he chose, as light is opposite to darkness and chaos is opposite to order. The dark elf wandered through the Forest of the Alendora, sharing his theory with the others who walked the Way of Darkness and Chaos, and soon had a strong following of dark brothers.

    The Alendora who travelled the Way of Light and Order were somewhat startled by Celianestu's cantankerous actions, fearful that the oneness that lived within the race of the Alendora would be shattered.

    Thus Fotorus, considered a chief among the pale elves even though there were no appointed leaders within the Alendora, approached Celianestu and told him that if he was going to continue to excite the dark elves in such an ill-fated manner, that the philosopher and his followers would be exiled from the Forest.

    Naturally, Celianestu took Fotorus's words as a threat and soon rallied all the black-skinned Alendora under his command, implanting in their minds that their pale-skinned cousins sought to destroy those who followed the Way of Darkness and Chaos. After Celianestu had all of the black-skinned elves convinced, they left the brighter regions of the Forest and travelled into the darkest depths of the Alendora. In the deepest regions of the Forest did they gather and discuss of war and religion, but never was peace with the pale-skinned elves suggested.

    As years to elves are like a week to humans, the black-skinned elves - now called the Malindora by Celianestu - consumed three centuries by building their new villages and towns in the darkest depths of the Alendora and, all the while, secretly plotting war against the Havensdora. The Malindora would own the Forest some day, for Celianestu believed that the dark elves were the first to inhabit the world, and that everything was theirs originally.

    A decade after the sixth century of living in the gloom of the Forest, the Malindora invaded the lighter regions of the Forest of the Alendora, slaughtering the unprepared who were now known as the Havensdora. Now the Malindora owned the entire Alendora, having felled a hearty population of the Havensdora, while forcing the few survivors to retreat.

    But many of the pale-skinned elves fled to hidden sanctuaries that were constructed in preparation of something of a rebellion occuring. In the ten centuries that followed since the Discordance of Harmony - the term used for when the Malindora first invaded the Alendora - the Havensdora gave birth to white-skinned children, populating their small numbers, and Celianestu died of old age.

    Forotus's son, Jai'nesgar, succeeded his father as leader of those who followed the Way of Light and Order after Forotus died. Jai'nesgar vowed to take back what was once theirs and their dark cousins, what once belonged to the Alendora. He would be the one fabled to be the Restorer of Balance - as many of the elven prophets had called the title - by invading the Malindora until they submitted and agreed on peace.

    Thus the Havensdora cleverly suffused through the sections of the Forest the Malindora claimed, assassinating their dark cousins and impaling the bodies on the branches of trees, so that all black-skinned elves could see and know what fear truly was.

    And so began the War of Illuminated Darkness, where the Havensdora and Malindora fought for ownership of the Forest of the Alendora for half a century.

    Near the end of the War, when both sides were severly beaten and losing numbers quickly, Jai'nesgar rode into Alendora to confront the Malindora. Many of the black-skinned elves evinced surprise and hatred, but Jai'nesgar rode unarmed and unprotected on that day, and the dark elves escorted him to their leader, a walker of the Way of Darkness and Chaos named Elinus.

    Jai'nesgar and Elinus discussed how to cease the War of Illuminated Darkness, and finally, after a week of counsel, Elinus agreed to his pale-skinned cousin's treaty of peace.

    The Restorer of Balance rode back into the secluded sanctuaries of the Havensdora, teeming the small mass of elves and marching them into the Forest of Alendora. Though difficult at first, the Malindora eventually accepted the Havensdora in the Forest, and they once again lived in peace, united as the lost race of elves: the Alendora.

    But, as trust between a race or people most inevitably leads to jealously and treachery, Jai'nesgar was assassinated and the Havensdora believe the killer to be the Malindora philosopher, Abaneus. However, Abaneus is considered to be nobility among his dark-skinned brothers, a leader of sorts, and will not accept the questioning and accusations of the Havensdora willingly. Thus was manifested a new war, not yet in action, but beginning to plot its own course of destruction.

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