The Alcordian Battleground

Designed by Mhordamis
  • Rooms: 204
  • Lifespan: 50 minutes
  • Type: NPK

  • Suggested Levels
  • Solo: 31-31
  • Medium Groups: 26-30
  • Large Groups: 24-28

  • Centuries ago, a year after Eldrick had imprisoned Vecna on the Island of Bloodstone, the archlich had charged his apprentice, Ara, with taking the remainder of his army and do what he could no longer do: take over the world. He gave his apprentice a staff of power called Mezamazin, which is the same weapon the archlich wielded when he led the dark armies in his Reign of Terror.

    After hearing this news, the surviving members of Eldrick's campaign gathered mercenaries and volunteers from around the land, and took a position at the Town of Alcordia, alongside the infamous Alcordian Knights. The campaign was led by Halsenar, who had donned his golden leggings, sleeves, armor and war boots for the first time in a year.

    Ara marched the army up the west coast, north of the silver shrine, sacking small towns and cities, burning villages and farmland to the ground - causing chaos wherever they went. Onward they charged, through the marshlands and thick woodlands, until they finally stood outside the gates of the Town of Alcordia.

    The battle known as the "War of Alcordia" lasted for several weeks, and never did Ara's dreaded army get past the impregnable walls of the Town.

    In the end, both sides were losing numbers quickly, and neither could fund the war any longer. But Ara, fearing the wrath of his master, would not turn away and march the rest of his army back to the island.

    Ara consulted with his master through telepathy, and together they formed a spell that would drain the life out of every living thing within the vicinity of a few miles. Ara summoned the remainder of his magicians, and as one they performed the incantation that would end the lives of anyone the powerful spell touched.

    The spell worked.

    Now, hundreds of years later, historians have rediscovered this lost site, and what they have reported has baffled the minds of the most intelligent magicians in the Realm. Apparently, the War of Alcordia is still in action. The skeletons of those who had died so long ago still wander the Town and the battleground, where a good portion of the fighting took place.

    "There were so many spells thrown around in those weeks the War took place, that the magic still lingers in the air to this day," Marious explains the phenomenon. "The magic is so powerful that it has actually animated the dead."

    The descendants of those who were a part of Eldrick's campaign are once again calling all adventurers and volunteers to travel to the Town of Alcordia, in another attempt to put an end to the archlich's minions once and for all.

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