Medievia Development Team

Clicking on a name will take you to that god's biography page (when available).

Implementors/Owners Level 148
  • Vryce: Owner, CEO, Head Programmer, Father of Medievia
  • Soleil: Director of Media and Marketing, Web Site Manager, Head MUDSlinger Editor
Implementors Level 144
  • Calrog: Quest Manager, Holiday Quest Manager, Manager of God Training, Master Quest Designer, Master World Builder, Reimbursement God
  • Damonius: Managing Editor, World Builder
  • Selthios: World Object Mobile Manager (WOM), Clan & Real Estate Manager, Manager of Player Assistance, Reimbursement God, Assistant Holiday Manager, Master Quest Designer Client Consultant (MudMaster Console), Real Estate - Houses and Clans
Managers Level 142
Gods Level 140
  • Cailli: New Player Helper (NPH)
  • Draconys: Quest Assistant, Real Estate - Houses
  • Elliehanna: Zone Editor - Rooms, Mobs
  • Gamina: Mailing List Administrator
  • Graek: Autoquest Assistant, Zone Editor - Rooms, Objects
  • Syltheana: New Player Helper (NPH)
  • Taraea: Publicity God, New Player Helper (NPH)
  • Tydeus: Zone Editor - Rooms, Mobs, Objects, Clantowns, Quest Assistant
  • Zuasha: New Player Helper (NPH), Real Estate - Houses
Supremities Level 136
  • Arieonna: Zone Editor
  • Rysane: New Player Helper (NPH)
Deities Level 132
  • Alizua: New Player Helper (NPH), Quest Assistant
  • Xyster: Autoquest Assistant, Quest Assistant
In addition to the Gods and Imps listed above, there are many 128 builder gods that are constantly working on new areas for the game. Please use WIZLIST from within Medievia to see the complete list.

For further information about each god, their jobs and accomplishments for level 132 and higher, please use wizlist (godname). (ex: wizlist Vryce)

On Medievia there is more information under HELP JOBS as well. To apply for a God position read HELP APPLICATION in the game or read How to Join our Staff.

If a god is online and not represented in this list, he/she is "Retired" with no defined task.

Most gods can be emailed at

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