The Day of Honor, 23rd day of the month of Sin, year 533

I have travelled to Wytherwind today, and I enter the ruined castle, like many adventurers before me, in search of the fabled Ivory Chalice.

A Roofless Entryway

This small entryway is in a state of absolute decay. The ceiling has long been obliterated and the walls have crumbled down and broken clean through in places. Through these gaps the muck and filth of the surrounding swamp has creeped, silting the stone with a layer of black tar.

This cursed place is haunted by many spirits, but few of them offer me harm. Those that do are easily overcome by my magic. I must admit though, that the silence and devastation surrounding me are eerie, and I travel the halls quickly, lest fear overtake me. Upstairs, I discover a blackened hallway, leading to a stairway filled with bluish flames. I venture in carefully, but there is a strange magic here, and the flames chill me, rather than burning. Unnerved, I take the stairs at a run, bursting into a deserted room. I frown thoughtfully, and proceed to search the room thoroughly. Nothing. Discouraged, I wander to the open window and look out. The view is obscured by fog, but wait! I can see a landing below me! I quickly clamber down to the landing, and when I glance back up, I discover to my horror that the room I came from has vanished!

Lost In a Cloud of Swirling Colors

The turbulent vapor dances before your eyes, but you feel no touch of it on your bare skin. You reach out into the brilliance but no tactile sensation follows. Wandering about you become totally lost, unable to remember which direction is east or west, north or south, or even up or down. You move forward into the meshing lights, treading on a floor of gas, hoping you can find your way out before you go insane.

I wander aimlessly with a growing sense of panic through the clouds. After an hour or so spent searching for an exit, I realize with disgust that there is an easier way out. Closing my eyes, I quickly incant the spell of teleportation. I open my eyes to a view of the brooding castle, still closely guarding its secrets, but I'm sure there's something hidden in those clouds, and one day I will return to solve the puzzle .

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