The day of Sacrifice, 11th day of the month of Grand Struggle, year 533

"Yea, coded things did crawl with legs, upon the coded sea."

There was a moment of silence.

"What are you talking about, Lav?"

"Are you fit to steer this ship? Too much firebreather, maybe?"

I sigh. Maybe they didn't read Coleridge in school.

Poriana telepaths you, 'I think it's good!"

It's good to know I mudmarried someone with taste.

I weigh anchor and set sail, our target the fae crabs that have swarmed for too long upon the seas. They are a hazard to navigation, with their habit of swarming over the decks of passing ships and eating anyone they find.

Azure's Hue sails majestically through the foam.

Another ship passes at a distance. They ignore us, we ignore them. We're both equipped for battle, the magical charges ready in the hold for deploying to the cannons, but we both have other targets.

The cry comes from the crow's nest. "I see them!"

Another cry comes from the prow. "But why's all the rum gone?"

You sigh.

It was funny the first dozen or so times. Still, I have my classics and they have theirs.

The ship is now rigged for battle.

Ok, the helm is lashed.

We arrange ourselves in our battle formation, ready for the worst the crabs can do...

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