The Day of Honesty, 6th day of the month of the Frost Giant, year 533

It was hard going in the Mines of Riverton. I was happily attacking a couple of dwarves when a large number of vipers and foremen blundered into the same tunnel. Needless to say I was using a staff that damages every enemy in the room and they all retaliated. It was the last charge in my last staff and it disappears. Sometimes I am just too confident.

So this is how my foray into the Mines will end. At least I know where the altar is nearby, but that is somewhat more than inconvenient. Never one to flee the foe, I continue my ill-starred combat.

You are becoming weak from your many wounds.

You growl at the Mine Foreman.

Poriana enters the tunnel.

Poriana glances at you.

Your sword misses the Foreman.
The Viper hits you.
The Foreman decapitates you.

Great - even if I win I am in a player killing area and I'm an easy target.

Poriana chants a magic phrase.
A bright aura envelops your body, healing your wounds.

You blink in surprise.

Poriana chants a magic phrase.
A glowing white aura surrounds you.

Poriana gives you a heavy oak staff.

With this backup I manage to finally finish off my opponents and am at near full health when I am finished. I thank her warmly as I would never have survived by myself. I check her level and find she is a single class cleric, level 27 which is just a little above me. I offer her the chance to form and she accepts with a smile.

You say to everyone, 'Thanks for the assistance there. I'd have died without you there.'

You worship Poriana.

Poriana giggles.

I contact Poriana regularly over the next few weeks and she seems quite willing to form with me on a regular basis. She even forms with my clannies while I am there, but the time she left the form with this...

Poriana pulls you close for a tender kiss.

the clanchats were enough to make me blush in real life. Soon I take her on a walk to read the descriptions of a setting sun over the ocean and I ask her something. A week later the announcement comes...

Congratulations to Poriana and Lavidius, Medievia's latest mudmarried couple.

Now all I have to do is get her into my clan.

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