I have just put the finishing touches to my latest zone. My first was a low level xp zone for newer players whilst my second was a player killing area. As long as Iskandar and Ikuska are impressed a third zone with my name will appear on Listzone. This latest is an equipment run zone, with special procedures that I have had to arrange with a high level coder.

Bislim [32]: Well, I've just finished. Anytime you want to bring the proofers in is fine by me :)

I relax for a moment, feeling smug and thinking hard. I will have to come up with another idea for a new zone, one that is accepted by the higher level gods. My moment of reverie is disturbed.

Ikuska telepaths you, 'Are you still there?'

You frown.

You telepath Ikuska, 'I was about to go onto my mortal character. I can wait a minute though'.

Once again I am in Ikuska's office.

Ikuska says, 'We have a task for you if you are interested'.

You say, 'Sure! What's up?'

Ikuska says, 'We are experiencing an influx of fresh players and need people to help them. You seem to know what you are doing - your avatar record is commendable. Are you willing to spend more time helping out?'

You say, 'I think I could manage that. When do I start?'

Ikuska says, 'First understand this. You will have to be a level 33 god and you will have a great deal of privileges - with these come responsibilities. You will be able to hear and respond to all players who pray, you will be able to discipline players when it is needed, and no more than is needed. There are strict rules for you to follow, you will have more powers than any player in the game and you will have more restrictions. You will have access to a lot of information but you will not divulge it to anyone'.

You drop your jaw, totally speechless.

Ikuska says, 'You will be dealing mostly with totally fresh players, many who have never seen a game like this before. You will be expected to spend a minimum amount of time with people to allow them to become acquainted with our world. It is a lot of work and we expect the highest standards. Are you prepared to ascend to this rank? Are you still willing?'

You nod your head.

Ikuska chants the magical phrase 'Vas Rel Xen Wis'

Several multi-colored tendrils of energy burst forth from the ground. They entangle you and tighten their grip around your body. Bolts of intense white and blue energy shoot through your, wracking you with pain. The tendrils suddenly vanish and you fall to your knees, gasping for air.

Ikuska [33]: Welcome to where the real work begins.

Training is swift, thorough and decidedly specific. I learn that I can see what misdeeds players have done, I can chastise and punish within strict limitations and guidelines but am told I must attend with someone else to learn that aspect. I am constantly amazed at the number of commands I have to learn, as well as the amount of background work that continually makes the game run. All of these people have volunteered their time to help out and I am now amongst their number.

I attend while a trained staff member takes a new player through the NHPR (or Newbie Helping Program Representative) procedure twice, and then I train a new player myself under supervision. When my work is deemed satisfactory, I am allowed to go alone and train those in need. I am now an ambassador for Medievia.

Responsibility lays heavily on my shoulders but I feel up to the task.

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