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The Day of Spirituality, 7th day of the month of Trellor's Founding, year 533

I decided to take advantage of one of the more amusing features on Medweb. I borrowed a friend's scanner and found a fairly recent photograph of myself from a visit to the zoo. With a little bit of ftp, I send the picture up to the Medievia Web Page and then go through the picture submission process.

One amusing caption later I go online with my clan. We have a good day for a catastrophe has recently abated and we manage to garner a decent profit for clan funds. I am content until suddenly...

You feel Ferinoi say, 'ROFL!'

You feel Batryna say, 'Peer?'

You feel Ferinoi say, 'Nice family shot Lav... *chuckle*'

100% hear you say, 'On the web page? But it's only got me on it'.

I check the picture and see that I am indeed the only person on it, stood in front of the monkey house.

The monkey house...

Ferinoi telepaths you, 'Sorry - I just couldn't resist. You have to chose your pictures with care... :P'

You feel Batryna say, 'Hey - one of the inmates escaped and found a razor!'

You groan loudly.

Batryna telepaths you, 'joking... :)'

I'm going to have to work to live this one down.

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