The Day of Compassion, 10th day of the month of Dark Magick, year 532

I venture out into the streets of Medievia City. There are information guides around the city, and I sit and listen to them for a while - they provide useful knowledge. I manage to locate a portal and enter the central square as the guide directed. I see a lot of other adventurers like myself, and one solitary figure in the square with [AVATAR] before his name.

You say, "What's an Avatar?"

He tells me Avatars are heroes dedicated to helping new adventurers find their way in Medievia.

You say, "I need a weapon, and some armor. Where can I get some?"

The Avatar says, "You have some equipment but there is much better available. Follow me, and I'll show you."

As we travel the streets of the city, he gives me some food and fills my waterskin, telling me I need to eat, drink and sleep to keep my strength up. He explains that there are many ways to gain experience in Medievia, and that to become a true hero I must rise to many different challenges, and the first of these is learning to conquer your enemies. "We shall get you some equipment, then teach you how to fight!" he tells me.

We enter a place called The Medievia Donation Room. There is a lot of stuff lying on the floor that people have donated, and the Avatar picks up several items and gives them to me. I put them on quickly, and arm myself with staff and shield. Back out into the streets, and we search for something for me to test my fighting prowess on. I consider several things, but my instincts tell me I'd be mad to take them on. Eventually.....

A rough-looking warrior prowls the streets, looking for trouble.

I decide I'll give him some trouble, and attack him. The battle is not easy, but the Avatar works quickly to heal the wounds I sustain, and I stand victorious over my vanquished foe. Several vicious battles later.....

You have learned much in your adventures and become more proficient in your skills.

I am pleased to see that I have been awarded a greater ability to sustain damage, as well as a chance to practice some abilities to a greater degree.

The Avatar nods his approval, smiling to himself. He instructs me to use the recall command and I do this, being whisked away by an Imp. I appear in the central courtyard of the City of Medievia where many people are congregated. The Avatar blinks into existence next to me and explains that I can use this command, from any LPK area, and without a level restriction. He explains that many new adventurers need this command to orient themselves and it is a handy way to find their way around.

The Avatar points out a few landmarks such as the Donation Room where I obtained my equipment. Next to this is the Adventurer's Guild where I can receive further training in how the world works. Dotted around the City of Medievia are several other facilities and many other shops where I can buy food or weapons and armor, but the Avatar tells me I should try and explore for these myself. He suggests using the central portal system to explore the other four main areas of the city - those based around Clerics, Thieves, Warriors and Mages.

The Avatar says, "Feel free to ask questions about these on New Adventurer's clan channel - just use the newbie command to enter that. Now I must be off to help another."

I follow his guidance and then I see.

Ok you are now in the Newbie Clan. For help type: help clan

You feel the Avatar say, "Welcome to the clan, Lavidius."

A chorus of greetings assail me and I know I am not alone.

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