New Beginning
The Day of Spirituality, 35th day of the month of Vryce's Arrival, year 533

I have returned at last to the City of Medievia, refreshed and renewed by the power of Vryce. My former expertise of the arts of war are mostly just distant memories - tantalisingly out of reach. I have been told they will return as I progress through my new profession, but the sudden weakness still comes as a surprise.

I face the portal and concentrate on the guild where I am to train in my new profession. Instead of the battle cries and racks of weapons and armor that I am used to, I find myself in...

Square mats of brown wool have been placed haphazardly along the cold marble floor of this circular chamber. In the center of the vicinity, a large pedestal of alabaster with three concentric steps surrounding it is the spot where the thief guildmaster stands during training. Hanging by metal chains along the underground stone walls are daggers of gold, onyx, silver and steel. Placed between each set of weapons, a gilded lamp has been set into a wall sconce, illuminating the area dimly with their lambent flames.

My new guildmaster trains me in the abilities I select. My art is now to be that of stealth and deception, to take from the unwary and to strike when least expected. When fully trained I shall be near invisible, yet people shall fear my hidden sting. My past as a warrior shall augment my current abilities, for though a true thief may strike twice in an attempt to slay, I retain the prowess to strike thrice. A thief may attempt to move to one side to avoid a foe's weapon strike, yet I still remember how to parry their attacks as well. I still remember how to use my sword hilt to stun an enemy, but now I can sweep their feet from beneath them as well.

However, where I once fought my way through with boldness and brute force, I now can bypass foes, or even remain so still that a pursuing enemy cannot see me. Perhaps best is the ability to see who lays just beyond normal vision, as well as knowledge on how to set cunning traps with which to immobilise pursuing foes.

I leave the guild and slink into the shadows, eyes watchful for a target. A merchant soon hoves into view but, in his own self-importance, he has not seen me. I creep into the road behind him, making no more sound than a mouse. My dagger plunges into his unwary back. He crumples at my feet, a rapidly cooling corpse and a valuable source of income.

I plough a furrow through the beings that inhabit this city, learning my trade swiftly and at the frequent call of

[CLAN] Lavidius has levelled!

My clannies rejoice - I revel in their adulation. Life is truly sweet.

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