New Adventures
The Day of Honesty, 27th day of the month of Dark Magick, year 532

The New Adventurers Guild, or "newbie clan" as everyone calls it is proving to be a lot of fun. I'm thoroughly enjoying the companionship of other adventurers who are finding their way around Medievia, and we help each other out a lot with new discoveries, pooling knowledge and resources. The assistance of the Avatars on the clan channel is often invaluable. A group of fellow clannies announce that they are venturing outside the city, and would appreciate a warrior to protect them. I quickly volunteer, eager to see some of the surrounding countryside. They're going to the Labyrinth, a stone maze wherein can be found the Goblin Castle. I breathe a sigh of relief when they tell me we're going to stay within the maze and steer clear of the castle. I don't think I am ready to face the fearsome goblin warriors yet.

You tell the formation, 'How do we get there?

The leader tells the formation, 'There's a magic cloud in the Great Tree!'

The Great Tree can be easily seen from Medievia City, and I have been longing to climb its branches since the first time I saw it. As we climb up the branches, our own shadows leap out and attack us! We dispatch them, and hurry on. We edge out on a limb, then upwards into the clouds. There are signs on the magic cloud, giving various places that can be entered via the clouds themselves. Every so often, the clouds shift and realign. I follow our party out on to the cloud marked "The Entrance to the Labyrinth".

We find ourselves inside stone walls, and venture in with weapons at the ready. There are many different types of foe in here, from bird-like creatures to bandits and thieves. Even the mist in this place is deadly, and we lose one of our party early on to a fire ant. Luckily for us, a powerful cleric is nearby, and she resurrects our lost companion, casting spells of healing and protection on our party before continuing on her way. But the creatures we have encountered thus far pale in comparison to....

A man-like creature with the head of a bull is roaming the Labyrinth.

It attacks us on sight, and we battle for our lives in earnest. Two of our party fight for only moments before fleeing in panic, leaving only me up the front to take the vicious creature's blows. I start quaffing green potions of healing as fast as I can.

Your pierce maims the Minotaur. Your pierce maims the Minotaur. The Minotaur grimaces with pain. The Minotaur's slash misses you.

The mage and cleric behind me counterattack with a masive volley of deadly spells, and soon

The Minotaur pales visibly as death nears.

Two devastating thrusts of my sword and

You shiver in disgust as the Minotaur lets out a final, agonizing moan before death.

Our party cheers wildly, as we have now all attained a new level of experience since leaving the city. Contented, we turn and head for home.... just as soon as we can find our way out of this maze! The formleader reminds me that we can recall to Medievia at any time, no matter your level. I breathe a sigh of relief, and return to my guild. I wish to put my new experience to good use.

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