Mynoric Garrison
The Day of Justice, 1st day of the month of Summer Flame, year 533

I stealthily sneak past the guards stationed at the door to the Mynoric Garrison. Creeping down the corridors, I come upon a locked door. Smiling confidently, I attempt to pick the lock.

The lock quickly yields to your skills.

I enter the room and look around. Its empty and bare - no treasure here. I go back out into the hall and try the next door - locked again. I pick the lock.

You hear a soft click from the lock as it opens.

A small golden needle springs from the lock, sticking you.

You grit your teeth in pain as poison enters your blood.

I blink in disbelief... I've never come across a trapped lock yet, but fortunately I am prepared for all eventualities. I get a deep blue potion from my bag and quaff it, removing the poison from my blood. I open the door and silently slip in to the room, where lurks a strange beast. Strange beasts are usually trouble, so I stick my dagger in its back. It is badly wounded, but fights back.

You watch mesmerized as the gekrenvelle belches out a malodorous cloud of vapor at you.

You are paralyzed and unable to move!

I stand helplessly frozen as the gekrenvelle attacks me. After a while, the paralysis fades, and I manage to finish it off before it breathes on me again. I strip the body of its belongings, and continue my exploration of the garrison. I know there is more to this place than meets the eye, but I cannot solve its puzzle. I give up and head for the exit in frustration.

You hear a low rumbling as the earth shudders.

You try to move during the quake and fall!

I quickly sit down while the earthquake shakes the building and surrounds. After the tremors abate, I stand up and hastily set traps in the hall - it would be fatal for me if the guards came upon me now.

You skillfully set and place the trap...backing away carefully.

You skillfully set and place the trap...backing away carefully.

I then sit and meditate for a while, focussing my mind to convert some of my body's energy into healing power. After my meditation, I wait and gather up my traps, and proceed to massacre all the guards left weakened from the earthquake. I may not have found treasure, but I have gained much valuable combat experience here.

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